Multi Channel Load Manager - Power Distribution Unit / System

  A multi channel load manager that provides 3 channel or 9 channel single phase electrical information and is available in two different constructions (96x96mm panel meter or 90x90mm Din Rail).

  A technological wonder that provides the customer with 3 times faster data communication to the SCADA/Energy Management Software, saves critical panel space, reduces cabling and best of all reduces the cost of the panel substantially.

  Multiple PDU's can be cascaded to measure multiple channels with a maximum of 15 channels in a series with common display unit making up the Power Distribution System (PDS).

 The system also allows the user to have multiple meters placed in the panel with a single display unit placed at a remote location.



1.  For remote reading and control, the PDU is supported by ElNet Software, designed for remote setup and data viewing and analysis

2.  Building Management System: With the open modbus protocol, the PDU can interface any system, such as building management, HMI etc.


Salient features

1.  Multi-channel data collection

2.  Ideal for apartments / commercial complexes billing and load pattern study on individual phase

3.  Displays Basic, Power and Energy parameters

4.  RS 485 communication interface (Optional

5.  Space saving compact design for easy installation into existing panel boards

6.  True RMS measurements

7.  Simultaneous sampling of Volts & Amps

8.  Accuracy class 1.0 IEC 61036 / CBIP 88 (0.5 option)

9.  User programmable password protection

10.  Energy resetting @ 999999 kWh * Multiplication factor

11.  Dynamic communication - user selectable register map


Technical specifications

1.  Accuracy : Class 1 (Default) IEC 61036, IS 13779 CBIP 88, Class 0.5 (Option).

2.  Sensing/Measurement : True RMS, 1 Sec update time; 4 Quadrant Power & Energy

3.  Input voltage: 4 Voltage inputs (VR, VY, VB, VN); Programmable 110 or 415V LL Nominal (Range 80 to 550V LL), Primary Programmable up to 999 kV, Burden: 0.2VA Max. per phase.

4.  Input current: Current inputs (AR, AY, AB) 3 Channels, Each channels can independently configurable, Primary Programmable up to 99 kA.

5.  Aux-Supply: (Control Power) 80 - 300V AC/DC, 40-70Hz, 80 - 300V DC (Default), Burden: 4VA Max

6.  Display Resolution: 1 row, 6 digits , CT PT Ratio Max: 2000 MVA Programmable

7.  CT PT Ratio Max: 2000 MVA Programmable

8.  Communication: RS485 interface, Industry standard Modbus RTU protocol (RS232 optional), Baud rate: 1200 bps to 19200 bps. (Preferred 9600 bps), Isolation : 2000 volts AC isolation for 1 minute between communication and other circuits.

9.  Weight: Unpacked: 300 gms, Packed: 400 gms

10.  Mechanical Specification: Dimension Bezel: 96 * 96 mm (Depth 50mm behind bezel behind panel mounting), 90 * 90 mm for Din Rail.



1.  18 months warranty

2.  Individual phase kWh measurement provides user flexibility of measuring 3 phase 3 channels or single phase 9 channels

3.  Primary current can be independently configured making it ideal for any kind of industry or up-gradation

4.  Standard communication Platforms: Modbus RTU



1.  Displays more than 25 parameters Basic, Power and Energy

2.  OLD register to store the previously cleared Energy value

3.  Displays basic Power, Energy (Average/Total, Individual Phases)