Dual Source Energy Meter

  It replaces 2 energy meters recording data from different sources of energy. Relay output option available for prepaid metering based on set value with individual load hours for both energy sources. Individual load hours for both energy sources.

  Available in 4 row Tiny master and single row little genius series.



1.  Little Genius Plus (LG+) - LG+ 5220, LG+ 3220



1.  In all Industries to measure dual power source like EB and DG



1.  Accuracy: Class 1 (Default) IEC 61036, IS 13779 CBIP 88 Class 0.5 (Option).

2.  Sensing/Measurement: True RMS, 1 Sec update time, 4 Quadrant Power & Energy

3.  Input voltage: 4 Voltage inputs (VR, VY, VB, VN); Programmable 110 or 415V LL Nominal (Range 80 to 550V LL), Primary Programmable up to 999 kV, Burden: 0.2VA Max. per phase.

4.  Input current: Current inputs (AR, AY, AB) 50mA - 6A (Field programmable 1A or 5A), Primary Programmable up to 99 kA, Overload : 10A max continous, 50A max for 3 sec, Burden : 0.2VA Max. per phase.

5.  Aux-Supply: (Control Power) 80 - 300V AC/DC, 40-70Hz, Burden: 4VA Max

6.  Display Type: LG+ : 10mm height bright red LED display, LCD : 10mm height bright LCD graphical display

7.  Display Resolution: 4 digits for instantaneous, Integrated : 6 digits

8.  CT PT Ratio Max: 2000 MVA Programmable

9.  Communication: RS485 serial channel connection, Industry standard Modbus RTU protocol (RS232 optional), Baud rate: 2400 bps to 19200 bps. (Preferred 9600 bps), Isolation : 2000 volts AC isolation for 1 minute between communication and other circuits.

10.  Weight: Unpacked: 300 gms, Packed: 400 gms

5.  Mechanical Specification: Dimension Bezel : 96 * 96 mm (Depth 50mm behind bezel) 96 * 48 mm (Depth 45mm behind bezel)